My name is Ilka Haus. Together with my husband and our three children, I live on a small agricultural estate in the beautiful Lahn-Dill area between the university cities Giessen and Marburg in central Hesse.


Our farm is home to many animals, especially sheep and goats, some chickens and our horses. With great dedication we breed Border Collies on work performance, which are then trained by my husband and shown at competitions.

Together we are fascinated by the nature of the cat and there has never been a time without a kitty cat.
I've always been especially enthusiastic about the big half-longhaired cats, especially the Maine Coons. But it took some detours until finally the first Coonie found her way to us.

In the winter of 2017, I heard through a colleague at work about the fate of a small kitten, who could be saved from great need, but was now urgently looking for a new place for life. The little "Nero" did not matches my preferences at all, but he had conquered my heart. Naturally, our old Norwegian Forest Cat couldn't do anything with the kitten and quickly decided to get him a playmate.

And so we quickly found a snow-white, beautiful Maine Coon lady of the same age to the pitch-black male.

So with "Mercedes" the first Coonie moved in and immediately it was all about me and the rest of my family. The essence, charm and beauty of a Maine Coon can hardly be resisted. 


The more I dealt with the Maine Coon in general and our Maine Coon in particular, the more I felt the desire to breed these wonderful cats. They are simply unique and something very special!


Under the prefix "Griffindales" I now breed mainly healthy and typical cats with the very best character and the typical essence of the Maine Coon. I like them big and powerful with strong chin and well placed, big ears, crowned by as bushy lux brushes as possible. I attach the greatest importance to pairings of healthy and well-known lines. I can't be found at exhibitions, because I prefer to spare my cats the stress of a show.


The imprint of the kitten is very important to me, as it is for our dog puppies. Therefore, the little Griffindales have already experienced a lot and are well prepared for a long, healthy cat life, when they leave our house at the age of 14 weeks. 


I wish you a lot of fun browsing my site and if you have any questions about a planned mating, a kitten, my cats or the Maine Coon in general, I am of course looking forward to your call or email.

I am happy about nice contacts with lovers and breeders of this fantastic breed.

Kind regards, 
Ilka Haus