Above all, my breeding goal is a healthy and typical cat with the very best character and the typical nature of the Maine Coon.

Big and powerful with strong chin and well placed, large ears, crowned by as bushy lux brushes as possible.

I attach the greatest importance to pairings of healthy and well-known lines.

The imprint of the kitten is very important to me, as it is for our dog puppies. Therefore, the little Griffindales have already experienced a lot and are well prepared for a long, healthy cat life, when they leave our house at the age of 14 weeks.

Griffindale Maine Coon Cattery
Ilka Haus

Bermoller Str. 2
35644 Hohenahr-Großaltenstädten

Mail: info@griffindales.de

Phone: +49 6446 921714

Mobile: +49 172 6648260




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