born on

22. february 2019


black -tortie / white

(MCO f 03)


Timaracoon's Latin Lover


Ch. ApolloPride Tiara Flame


Talina Litvinova 

(Favorit-Sherkhan Coon Cattery, Ukraine)

genetic health tests:

pending end of january / beginning of february


She wasn't planned, but the more she's loved, you bet. This beautiful cat from distant Ukraine immediately caught my attention when I saw her on the internet. Rarely have I seen type and color so beautifully united and to top it all - exactly from the lines that I like. A pedigree peppered with well-known, great ancestors, along with a look that corresponds exactly to what I would like to see in a Maine Coon. Preposterous to reason, "Fanta" moved in as another cat and I didn't regret it for a second.

An extremely typical cat on strong, powerful legs with beautiful eyes and powerful brushes on the well placed ears - what more could you ask for? All complemented with an enchantingly lovable and cuddly nature. I am absolutely thrilled and enjoy the pretty lucky cat every day. The cuddly girl is always looking for connection and prefers contact loungers with her favorite 2-legged humans, of course gentle cuddly hands must not be missing. She really loves people very much and every guest is enthusiastic about this personality on 4 paws. Thanks to Talina Litvinova (Favorite Sherkhan Cattery).

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