born on

12. november 2018


black tabby classic/white
(MCO n22 09)


Longior Running-man


Ivana von Orinokko


genetic health tests: (23.10.2019, Laboklin)

Hypertrophe Kardiomyopathie 1 ( HCM1) - PCR

Hypertrophe Kardiomyopathie - PCR

Polyzystische Nierenerkrankung (PKD) - PCR
Progressive Retinaatrophie (rdAc-PRA)
Spinale Muskelatrophie (SMA) - PCR 
Glycogenspeicherkrankheit (GSDIV) - PCR 


genotype N/N

genotype N/N

genotype N/N

genotype N/N

genotype N/N

genotype N/N

My beautiful black-tabby-lady. It was really love at first sight with her. An extremely burly, tall cat with a beautiful, typical wild look

- I couldn't resist her.
During our visit, I was very impressed by her father's powerful size. Tennesie's mom convinced me with her wit and charm. She quickly sat on my shoulder and swayed around in my hair. Tennesie was visually the copy of both parents and an enchanting kitten. No doubt, she captivates with her size and beautiful tabby markings with some white accents. Her ears may be a bit bigger, but they are adorned with fabulous lux-brushes. She is out of old and very well-known lines and is therefore very interesting as a breeding cat. The diva of the house knows about her beauty and behaves a little arrogant. Nevertheless, she is a peaceful and cuddly cat who prefers to rest in the highest places in the apartment but extremely likes to come to cuddle to her people on the couch. I am extremely happy to be able to call her my own and thank Anita Hübner (Longior Maine Coons) for this beautiful lady.

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