born on

05. february 2019



(MCO as)


TimaraCoon's Odyseee


Vanilla Akbars


Ehlvira Shagabutdinova
(Akbars Maine Coons, Russia)

genetic health tests:



A blue cat was a dream of mine and especially of my husband. So it's no surprise, you then snag on exactly a kitten like this on the internet. From faraway Russia I fulfilled the dream in blue-smoke for myself and my husband. So to speak, our russian lady has flown directly into our hearts and this place is taken by her rock-solid. Undaunted and captivatingly cuddly, she didn't mind the long journey and she got into our family without any problems. You can't imagine a more trusting and cuddly cat. No matter where we 2-legged settle, she is there immediately and relentlessly demands to be petted.
Her powerful chin and typical profile testify to the legacy of her well-known ancestors. A long, bushy tail underscores her perfect figure, which I would loved to have just a little bit bigger.

I am so happy with my "little" Russian and thank Irina Aleksandrova and Ehlvira Shagabutdinova for this beautiful blue lady.

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