December 2022


It is looking a lot like Christmas and I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I already got my present. Griffindales Elusha gave birth in the early morning of november 21. She got 8 !!! beautiful kitten with such peace and serenity. She is a great mother!

While Daddy Benjamin Britling is watching them from a distance, Eluscha always has an eye on them and is caring so well for the 7 boys and the girl. The boys in Black Smoke, Black Smoke /White, Black Solid and Black White and the girl in Black-Tortie-Smoke gain weight and become more active each day. So we will have a joyful Christmas for sure! 

Next year we expect Tennie to come in heat and later 2023 we wish for more Xantia kitten. For now we are happy with the babys we have. 



October 2022

Great news! Our beloved Eluscha is expecting kittens by Benjamin Britling.

We can't wait to meet these babys. 



September 2022

The homepage didn't have an update for a long time, but there was a lot going on :)

On 17.03.22 my Tortelini, Griffindales Bella Donna, gave birth to a litter. 4 boys, and a charming girl. Father is Mainefield's Amarok. Bella Donna has taken care of her offspring with a lot of love. Colour-dominated red :)

Amarok is now castrated. I have kept two wonderful daughters and a very promising son from him and now grant him the breeding pension as a castrati. He was a wonderful breeding male and loving father, I am very grateful to him for his offspring. Nevertheless, it was time to look for a new cat for my breeding. And full of pleasure I welcome and introduce RU*BENJAMIN BRITLING.
He will be the father of our next litters.

On 02.05.22 my Fanta, Favorite Sherkan Infanta Flame, gave birth to the first baby of my new cat Benjamin Britling. Little Hugo Boss was born as an only child but is so lovingly cared for by all, really all cats that he lacks absolutely nothing. His mother does not let him out of her sight and takes care of Hugo 24 hours a day. A very special cat man in black solid.


The youngster page is updated. We couldn't let Elusha and Earl Grey go. From really charming kittens they developed to beautiful young animals. Their departure was simply impossible.




November 2021

On November 17, Amazing Grace gave birth to 6 wonderful kittens out of Mainfields Amarok. Flooded with 2.5 hours and smooth birth. Grace is so similar to her mother 🙏, and extremely caring. She takes great care of her babys with dedication.



October 2021

Our beautiful smoke kitten were born on October 5th. Xantia is a super great and caring mom with lots of milk, so the babies have above-average weights.

Just wow! I'm so grateful for that and happy that everything is going so well... ❤️


September 2021

How do you say? Pregnancy is not contagious??? Maybe yes! Caught this morning red-handed... Our Amazing Grace was mated by our Mainfields Amarok. A litter full of "silverlings" is expected in December....

August 2021

Big Giants Resort's Xantia, our black and white highlight cat, is expecting. I really hope for wonderful black-smoke's with gigantic brushes❤️